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Toadstool's ears!

It's May Day Fae Day, the biggest day in the fae year, and Titania, Queene of the Faeries, is missing! 

Each year at sunrise on May Day she leads the procession to the May pole ring where fae cavort and gambol in celebration of a new year. Unfortunately, neither the celebration nor the new year can commence without Titania, and no one knows where she is!

According to fae law, the procession must take place at midnight on May 1st. That gives us only a handful of hours. Oh, you will help, won't you?

Without our queene we will be stuck perpetually on April 30th, unable to move on, frozen in time.

If you're ready to join the search, raid your piggy bank, extract $9.95, and click the add to cart button below. Thereafter, be sure to hit the Return to Merchant link at the bottom of the PayPal page to be taken to the first stage of your quest!

Note: This 90-minute faemily-friendly game is more about the journey than the destination. There are about a dozen-and-a-half steps involved that are most enjoyably played on a computer or tablet (not so much on a smartphone)
The activity's difficulty rating is 1.5 (out of 5) brain cells 🧠+1/2

Pssssstttt .... If you attended today's May Day Fae Day tea at Dream Come True, click here to quest for freeeeeeeeeeeee

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