On campus

Very well done, my friend! I think we are making great progress. Thus far we've determined:
  1. Titania is on or near the Ocademy campus, or at least her necklace is.
  2. Sadly, as you surmised, the orange element logo depicted in the cauldron is that of Terris {earth}. If the culprit turns out to be someone associated with Terris, it could mean persecution for our kind.
  3. The Stockpile (school bank) is somehow involved. Perhaps we should go there first. Of course we can not all march in ... not without arousing suspicion ... Certainly if Titania has indeed been kidnapped, we don't want to draw the attention of her abductors. 
You wait out here while I go into the bank. Perhaps you could visit the carousel at the center of The Hub and enjoy a sweet treat at Connie's Confections, Cones, and Cakes. Grab something for me too! Here I go ...
Okay, I am back, and I have big news!
  • While Titania has not been seen, her necklace was traded last night for currency at the Stockpile.
  • As the necklace has been classified as stolen goods and the Stockpile has a hefty insurance policy, the manager handed it to me to return to our queene. I bestowed a shamrock blessing on him on the spot!
  • Add to that, the manager was more than happy to type up a list of all Terrins who visited the currency exchange yesterday. As you can imagine, he is keen to avoid an interdimensional incident. Below is his note:
(The note is transcribed at the bottom of this page for your ease of viewing)

Text below reprinted from the Stockpile manager's original note
I dare not say too much in the presence of those in the Exchange, lest someone share or misconstrue my comments; but I can tell you this: Queene Titania’s necklace was exchanged for ducats by someone wearing a generic Monte Casino uniform. Below is the list of Terris-related folk who were have entered the Stockpile in the last lum. 
Amaryllis Meddoh ~ She is a 5th generation legacy Terrin recruit, rumored to be very observant and something of a tattle tale. Perhaps she saw something that could help in your search. 
Dabne Mulch ~ He is one of the Terris Caretakers. He comes in weekly to cash his paycheck, which is unnecessary because his truffles are directly deposited into his account. Really it’s just an excuse to visit Totsy Greenbacks, one of our tellers on whom he is sweet. 
Erodios Dumpsta ~ This bitter young man was culled just yesterday, and stormed into the Exchange, cutting in queue ahead of others and demanding he be served first as he wanted to leave the Ocademy as quickly as possible since (in his words) he was “no longer wanted.” He voiced proudly his intention of trading the recruitment allowance (given him by his parents) for casino chips. 
Totsy Greenbacks ~ Totsy is one of the most popular tellers here at the Stockpile and has worked here since validating more than 20 seekkl ago. Her greatest joy is spending her weekends at the casino, where sadly, she never wins. Just the opposite. She’s racked up substantial debt with the bank to cover her losses. She’ll likely need to work here until she’s 203 to pay it all off. 
Note: You may want to keep an eye on the Arbins. They’re notorious for their inter-element pranks, and may have kidnapped the Faerie Queene as a stunt to get a rise out of Terris. 
Also, you mentioned Prince Raffia. While I have heard nothing about him being at the casino recently, that doesn’t mean he is not there. He frequents that den of iniquity so often, his presence would not be construed as news. Remember, the gambling house’s motto is: WHAT HAPPENS AT MONTE CASINO … NEVER HAPPENED! 
Wishing you a victorious outcome. 

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