It's all a jumble

Obviously this is not the path back home.

This is the outside of Monte Casino's theater.

The little girl from the lobby brought me out here and pointed to the marquee. She does not speak, and when I asked her what she was trying to tell me and what the strange words on the sign meant, she merely waved her hands around wildly, then curtseyed, and skipped away.

I brought you here because something about the words on the marquee looks familiar, but I can not quite figure out what. Can you? Does it have anything to do with Faerie Queene Titania?

Why was the girl waving her hands in agitation? Did it mean anything? And what of the numbers that follow the words? They add up to 19, and there are 19 letters in the strange message. Could they refer to how to combine the letters? Curious.

Perhaps if we put all 19 letters together and re-organize them into smaller bunches, we will see what we need to find Faerie Queene Titania. The witching hour nears, so we must work quickly.

Now then, what 3 words can we make using 6 letters, 6 letters, and 7 letters from the total group of letters on the marquee: QUARINEIETANIEFETAE 

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