It's taken ages for the elders to come up with a list of prime suspects! Below are their top contenders, selected based on past behavior, age-old disputes, and various petty jealousies:

#1 Oberon - Titania's husband and king of the faeries, they'd been quarreling over the changeling boy mentioned in the note. Also, Titania had openly accused him of adultery with a human.

#2 Puck - Oberon's lacky who would do anything to please his master. He is known to engage in behavior unbecoming to a fae.

#3 Nick Bottom - a human recently turned into a 'donkey' and put under a love spell with Titania. He was humiliated and vowed vengeance.

#4 Mabilys - The Queene's chief courtier who is jealous of Titania and covetous of all that she has ... especially Oberon. Her lifelong dream has been to lead the May Day procession.

#5 Prince Raffia of the Unseelie Court - He loathes Titania for having chosen Oberon over him, and never misses an opportunity to try to embarrass her and undermine her authority. He had a brief tryst with Mabilys the year prior. Both were in the relationship with the goal of getting a rise out of Titania. It didn't work. It is worth noting, he was not to be found when the Seelie scouts went looking for him to question him. 

#6 Hippolyta - Queen of the Amazons and fiancee of Theseus (a local elected official) whom she plans to wed as part of a treaty between the warring Athenians and Amazons. Titania refers to her as Oberon's "buckskinned mistress," and the two women have been verbally sparring for months. 

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