A saga now ended

The video account tells what Titania shared with me.
I did my best to translate from Faeturim to English, so forgive any awkwardness.

HRu hule huli!
Let the May Day Fae Day procession begin!

In the interest of justice, I decided to return to Monte Casino and speak with the hotel maid Ingrid, just in case she may have seen something that might shed light on who queenenapped Titania. Loathe as I am to admit it, I no longer believe Prince Raffia to have been involved. He seemed too surprised to see Titania. (For more on the dubious prince, subscribe to the Love Among the Brambles recap shows ... later, that is.)

At the moment, the true culprit remains at large ... and must pay.
Click here if you'd like to find out what became of my visit to Ingrid.

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