Droning deliberations

The Full Seelie Court is still tracking down suspects and witnesses to interrogate. I fear this could take a long while ... perhaps several whiles! To pass the time, I suggest a favorite fae tradition: colouring!

Below are assorted wings and sundry images. Click on any picture to enlarge, then save and print your favorite(s), and break out the crayons, markers and colored pencils. If you are being held captive in a dungeon or are otherwise unable to print & color, merely go to the interwebs and collect an image that is similar to the ones here ... but more colorful, please.

When you're done with your masterpiece (it's okay if it's a rush job), post your finished work (or image of choice) on the Facebook event page or email it to omniocademy+titania@gmail.com . I won't be able to respond (no devices allowed in the fae courthouse), but later, when I get a chance I'll respond to Facebook posts and share emailed colorings on Facebook as well.

Once your image of choice is posted or emailed, click here

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