Clues in the Cauldron

Off to Esmabella's house we gooooooo ...

Eye of newt and ear of bat grow tender when they’re stewing. Leg of frog and skin of cat add flavor to the brewing. But such delights can not compare to sweets fresh from the oven. Baked goods will melt a witch's heart regardless of her coven. The answers that you seek are here arising from the potion. Ephemeral, so read them quick! They’re constantly in motion. All clues are valid if you’re wise. Steer clear of convolution. The cauldron has all that you need to find the true solution ...

The image shows my recollection of the clues that rose from the steam in Esmabella's cauldron. In addition to Titania's necklace, I see a few other things I recognize: The Ocademy's crest, the Piddlypedia student handbook, something that suggests a financial institution, an element domain logo, and a photo of Monte Casino, the high-ticket gambling paradise at the notorious Rim—the seedy area just outside the Ocademy.

This is not what I was expecting at all! What about Prince Raffia? What of the other suspects at court?


Could this mean we have been looking in the wrong place? If we go back to tell the Court, who knows how long they will take to decide what to do next. No, it is up to us.

Clearly the necklace refers to Titania. The casino photo, element logo, school crest, and Piddlypedia student handbook all point to the Ocademy and surrounds. Although I'm unclear as to what that stock thing is about. Looks like we're off to the Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences. I've always wanted to go!

First, we should probably get a copy of Piddlypedia to peruse on our journey. Click here to get one of your own. I don't think we need to study the whole booklet—just look for the things that apply to the cauldron clues.

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