Getting into the casino

Some suave casinoesque music to set the tone

Getting to the nickbottom of how Titania's necklace ended up at the Stockpile is a must. But even more important is getting our queene back to the faerie ring before May Day Fae Day is lost. Based on the clues from Esmabella's cauldron, it looks like our next stop is Monte Casino, which if you ask me is no place for a self-respecting faerie.

I have arranged for a Rim Sentinel (Ocademy guard who patrols the Rim) to escort us through the gate to the casino, but it will be up to us to get in. The password changes daily and is always in the form of some sort of riddle. Here is today's 5-word riddle:
Definite article + large black perching bird (also a boasting verb) + takes wing + location-based preposition + New Zealand Oxford dictionary word for "witching hour" (according to Wikipedia) 
_ _ _     _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _ _    _ _     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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