In my quest to learn the identity of our queene's kidnapper, I tracked down Ingrid, the Monte Casino hotel maid who cleaned Titania's room. I asked if there was anything she'd found that might suggest who had reserved the room.

She said she had seen nothing, but that I was welcome to go through the refuse from the room if I so desired. I asked her to direct me to the hotel dumpster, but she said when she approached the dumpster, she found it on fire, and a suspicious looking "partially-clad bald man in costume like a little devil" lurking around the corner gazing at the burning rubbish.

I asked her to describe the man.
This is what she described:

Look familiar?
It's that rapscallion, Puck, servant to King Oberon!
I wonder if his Highness knows what Puck's been up to.

I sighed with great discouragement. All hope of finding clues in the dumpster up in smoke. But Ingrid reassured me. She said she did not yet dispose of her bags of trash because of the fire, and that she still had them on her maid's trolley!

I nearly despaired of going through the several dozen bags of who knows what, but Ingrid helped once again. She said the only trash she'd found in Titania's room was a ripped up note, its pieces scattered across the hotel room floor.

I am pleased to say, I found the bag with the note quickly. But putting the pieces together is another story altogether. The note appears to be written by someone left-handed, as it is written backward, which is the way so many Omnian lefties compose their correspondence.

Evidently, after writing the note, the author changed their mind about delivering it. I wonder why. I hope we shall find out once we've pieced it together. I recommend you print the 3 images of the scattered note pieces (the pieces wouldn't fit on one image), then cut the pieces out and put all 16 of them together. You'll want to print them full size on 8.5x11 paper to ensure they fit together best. Remember to click on them to enlarge and download them.

{If you are unable to print the images or read the images, or just become too darn frustrated, click here for the "put-together" "turned around" and transcribed versions of the note.}
Either way, continue scrolling through this page to get to the instructions at the bottom
Note pieces #1
Note pieces #2
Note pieces #3
Once you've pieced together the identity of Puck's co-conspirator, 
email the name to omniocademy+titania@gmail.com
and in the subject line type: GUILTY (all in CAPS)
{If the emailed reply fails to arrive within a minute, click here for the quest's final entry.}

Thank you again, my friends. I never could have found our queene and her kidnappers without you.
Please accept these faerie cakes in gratitude.
Cheriste som.

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