We got inside. Now what?

Good Gobfinkle! This place is much classier than I expected. Perhaps you should take a seat while I see what I can glean from those at the front desk.
I am pleased to report the front desk supervisor recognized the necklace from the casino safe where it had been stored prior to being deposited at the Stockpile. The necklace had been used to pay for a room at the casino's hotel, but that was all the supervisor knew. None of the staff recall who paid with the necklace and the guest (listed as Terri Doe, which could be male or female) has since checked out of the room.

When I offered a description of our glorious monarch, I was informed the description matched that of more than a score of other queenes who all engage in some activity called drag. What they are dragging or why remains a mystery to me.

Friends, I fear we have arrived at an impasse. We have the necklace, but not our queene. I see no alternative but to make our way back to the faerie ring and suffer whatever decision the Court has made. Then again, knowing them, it is probable no decision has been made!

That is odd ...
Do you see that little girl waving frantically at us?
I wonder what she could want?

Now she is beckoning to follow her.
Do you think perhaps she knows what has become of our queene?
I suppose it could not hurt to find out.

In the interest of time, how about I go with her and you start for home. I will catch up to you in a wink.

To get home, you must do the following:
  • Employ your personal electronic device to dial 929-466-6457 and leave a voicemail recitation of the Omni HRu as found on the page linked here. (Once you've left your message, use your browser's back arrow to return to this page)
  • Immediately thereafter, turn in a circle while flapping your elbows like wings and buzzing like a bee 
  • Then click here and you will be transported back to our realm and set on the path that leads to our ring

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