Full Seelie Court press

This is how the calamity came about. 

When I went to tell my queene I'd prepared her evening doe-milk bath, I found her gone and a note on the floor of her chamber. It read:
"I know where to find the changeling boy you seek. Meet me in the Shrouded Glen at eventide, and I will take you to him. Tell no one. Come alone."
On my way to inform the queene's chief lady-in-waiting, Mabilys, of the note, I was stopped by Callalily Bramble, an empath who lives in our ring. She sensed I was troubled, and pulled me into an embrace, urging me to unburden my soul. I told her of Titania's absence, and she suggested we go straight to Mayor Hollow, head of the faerie ring's council, which we did that instant.

The Full Seelie Court convened to determine why Titania disappeared and where she may have gone. At length the elders concluded Titania stormed off in a huff as a statement of displeasure over Oberon's kidnapping of a changeling boy favored by Titania. The elders made outrageous remarks about our queene, calling her irresponsible and selfish, egged on by those with their own agendas, political and otherwise.

I believed none of their accusations. Our queene would never miss the May Day Fae Day procession. It is one of her greatest joys, to which she looks forward all the faerie year. I feared a nefarious plot had been hatched.

I tried to speak up and say as much, but none of the courtiers would listen to what a lowly changeling had to say, even when I produced the Shrouded Glen note. Kindly Callalily came to my aid again, giving her sister Viola, the faerie ring's healer, the note. When Viola spoke up, the Court listened. At last they took note of the note.

They then sent out a scouting party to the glen. There was no sign of Titania, but there were signs of a struggle. There was also a broken jar containing herbs known to have the power to render a fae unconscious. Clearly, Titania had gone on a fool's errand. 

The Court changed their tune, convinced of foul play.

They then set themselves to the task of identifying suspects ... a long laborious undertaking, as most things are with the Full Seelie Court.

This would be a good time to make some tea ... for both of us ... with sugar, if you please.

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